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agm provokes informal discussion and debate by and for architecture students and up and coming designers. Founded in 2015 as an Instagram account by Melbourne School of Design students, stemming from the addition of architecture + instagram, @archigram_melbourne. Our name also draws reference to the avant-garde British architectural group Archigram, architecture + telegram, their provocative broadcasts and radical aims for architecture. Sharing in this spirit is our core aim of “broadcasting all things architecture”. 


The self published, hand made nature of the agm magazine volumes along with its free distribution at the annual Melbourne School of Design exhibition in an approachable makeshift format (that doesn’t take itself too seriously), encouraging architectural discourse in our audience beyond the classroom.

Our Team

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Isabella Etna

Founder and Senior editor

Isabella Etna is a designer and graduate of the M.Arch (MSD). In practice her focus is on adaptive reuse , preserving local methods of construction, and low impact materials. Her research interests lie at the intersection of Italian & Japanese language, architecture and culture, specifically the period of The School of Venice led by Giuseppe Samonà which was the focus of her Graduate Thesis. 

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Christina Garbi


Christina is a M.Arch graduate from the Bartlett (UCL), teaching Foundations of Design: Representation at MSD. Christina’s interests include challenging the boundaries between architecture, landscapes and ecology, through developing symbolic methods of representation and designing sustainable and generous architectural interventions, to foster a sense of belonging.

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Kevin Huynh

Senior editor and Head of Operations

Kevin Huynh is a graduate of  the M.Arch (MSD). Kevin’s passion lies within the process of designing innovative and sustainable spaces coupled with the use of emerging technologies to communicate his design vision.


Phoebe McGuire


Phoebe is a M.Arch graduate from the MSD currently working as a Sustainability Consultant. Her interests lie in how the discipline of architecture can respond to the climate crisis through collaborative multidisciplinary outcomes at the intersection of science and design.

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Lily Richards

Senior editor

Lily commenced her M.ArchUCH studies at the University of Melbourne in 2023 after graduating from the University of Queensland in 2021. Lily is interested in sustainable, people-focused design and new technologies in architecture.

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Lucas Osborn


Lucas is an M.Arch student at the University of Melbourne and a Bookshop Assistant at Bookshop by Uro. He has written a handful of articles on architecture, art, and design for several publications and on his blog, Serpentine Journal. He is currently interested in buildings and their relationship to landscape design as well a the impact of materials selection on the environment.

Got something to say?

We are always looking for students & young professionals to contribute.

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