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Archigram Melbourne (agm) provides a commentary on design while focusing on practice and education in Melbourne from the perspective of students and recent graduates.


Agm was founded in 2015 as an Instagram account (@archigram_melbourne) by Melbourne School of Design architecture student Isabella Etna as a way to provoke informal discussion and debate between her peers. This continues to be a central focus as well as creating a platform for students and young professionals in Melbourne.  Agm is an online platform and annual publication “broadcasting all things architecture.” A collection of contributions from each year will be published in a annual publication.

Agm Team

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Isabella Etna

Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief

Isabella Etna is a recent graduate of the Master of Architecture at The Melbourne School of Design. Bella has avidly participated in co-curricular activities at the University of Melbourne since commencing University in 2015. Kevin and Bella have run the student-run organisation, Built Industry Group, for over two years at the MSD to advocate and create opportunities for students, and to connect students to industry. Bella is passionate about architectural history and is especially interested in Italian architecture. Particularly the period of The School of Venice led by Giuseppe Samonà which was the focus of her Independent Thesis in Semester 1 2020 supervised by Alan Pert and Scott Woods.

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Michael Boer


Joining the Melbourne School of Design mid 2020, Michael is studying a Bachelor of Design with a dual Major in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. He has passions in both sustainability and integration of the built and natural environment. His architectural ambition is to see the dichotomies of native ecologies against built environments be dismantled and discussions of climate crises are changed to that of sustainability solutions.

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Yanyu Sun


Yanyu is studying a Bachelor of Design majoring in Architecture at the University of Melbourne. Her interest in architecture lies in experimental architectural drawings. Currently located in China, she is working as a research assistant at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen). Projects she is involved in includes: the Co-housing Model and its potential significance to China, as well as “Urban Drifting”, a city directory introducing the urban history of Shenzhen. 

AGM_Head Shot_Kevin.jpg

Kevin Huynh

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Head of Operations

Kevin Huynh is a recent graduate of the Masters of Architecture at The Melbourne School of Design. During his time at the University of Melbourne Kevin participated in multiple extra curricular activities where he advocated for student and industry connections. Kevin’s passion lies within the process of designing innovative and sustainable spaces coupled with the use of emerging technologies, virtual reality, and different kinds of fabrication techniques (3D printing + model making) to communicate his design vision.

AGM_Head Shot_Bo.jpg

Bo De Silva


Bo De Silva is a second year Bachelor of Design student studying at The University of Melbourne. Whilst Bo completes his studies, he enjoys getting involved in as many architecture related events he finds across Melbourne. Bo also has a strong passion for visual art and is interested in the obscure boundary between art and architecture.

AGM_Head Shot_Dilon.jpg

Dillon Webster


Originally from Seattle, Washington, Dillon Webster has recently relocated to Melbourne with a professional background in architecture and a Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage. As a designer, Dillon interrogates traditionally assigned notions of space, and desires to unpack the historically embedded procedures and decisions of the design industry… and generally trying to queer it. As a researcher, he is exploring the themes of post-modernism, archival frameworks, memory, queer representation, and virtual heritage the through the lens of the built environment. 

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Anna Kilpatrick


Anna graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2019 with a Master of Architecture, after completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Literature and Philosophy. This multidisciplinary background has led her to pursue her current role as an Exhibition Design, bringing together interests in architecture, narrative, history and cultural critique. 

AGM_Head Shot_Alissa.jpg

Alissa Ricci


Alissa Ricci is a current undergraduate in the Bachelor of Design at the University of Melbourne. Majoring in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture, whilst simultaneously practising a passion for art, her academic work and interests explore the thoughtful integration of architecture and landscape, slow architecture, materiality and visual communication. 

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