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agm provokes informal discussion and debate by and for architecture students and up and coming designers. Founded in 2015 as an Instagram account by Melbourne School of Design students, stemming from the addition of architecture + instagram, @archigram_melbourne. Our name also draws reference to the avant-garde British architectural group Archigram, architecture + telegram, their provocative broadcasts and radical aims for architecture. Sharing in this spirit is our core aim of “broadcasting all things architecture”. 


The self published, hand made nature of the agm magazine volumes along with its free distribution at the annual Melbourne School of Design exhibition in an approachable makeshift format (that doesn’t take itself too seriously), encouraging architectural discourse in our audience beyond the classroom.

Our Team


Isabella Etna

Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief

Bella is a graduate of the Master of Architecture at The Melbourne School of Design. Her interests lie at the intersection of Italian & Japanese language, architecture and culture. Particularly the period of The School of Venice led by Giuseppe Samonà which was the focus of her Independent Thesis in Semester 1 2020 supervised by Alan Pert and Scott Woods.


Tom Davies


Tom is a Bachelor of Design student at the Melbourne School of design and is completing his final studio this semester. Tom takes a keen interest in design visualisation, particularly the endless range of techniques, softwares and mediums that are up for exploration within this field. Outside of studying as an Architecture major he produces various graphic design material for the music industry and is always trying to learn both existing and emerging software to expand his bag of tricks.


Kevin Huynh

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Head of Operations

Kevin Huynh is a graduate of the Masters of Architecture at The Melbourne School of Design. During his time at the University of Melbourne Kevin participated in multiple extra curricular activities where he advocated for student and industry connections. Kevin’s passion lies within the process of designing innovative and sustainable spaces coupled with the use of emerging technologies to communicate his design vision.


Lily Richards


Lily is in her first year of the Master of Architecture/Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage program at The Melbourne School of Design. Having previously studied at the University of Queensland, she is excited to get to know Melbourne and explore her new city. Lily is interested in the spatial experience architecture creates. When not in the studio, Lily enjoys traveling and Ikea dinners 


Mia Clarke


Mia is in the final year of the Bachelor of Design at the University of Melbourne. She is particularly interested in architectural history, and how the past can be learned from and acknowledged productively. She is always keen to keep learning through discussion and reading, and loves to consider the problem solving of planning and architecture. 


Jevons Wang


Jevons is a first year Bachelor of Design student at the University of Melbourne. With a passion for both architecture and graphic design, Jevons is interested in the branding of cities and the establishing of national identities through architecture. Heavily oriented on conceptualization, he has a love for curation and narrative in art and design. Jevons takes inspiration from contemporary art, influencing his philosophy of prioritizing aesthetics and form, or function and meaning.


Kim Võ


Kim is interested in the representation of and by architecture; architectural form as an epistemological structure; architectural exhibition and museology; the boundary between architecture and the city; the construction of history and its counter-narratives. Born in Vietnam, he has worked in architectural practice and academia both in Vietnam and Australia. Kim is currently interested in research and pedagogical projects to question the limitation and assumptions of the prevailing modern discourse.

Got something to say?

We are always looking for students & young professionals to contribute.

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